It has happened!

21 Jun

On a bulletin board about Facebook safety in the University Village Apartments.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t most parents seen their kids naked? As for the second part, I want to know how my R.A. got into my Facebook page…


Thur hur hur

18 Jun

Taken by Devin Desjarlais, seen at GPT.

Appeal Boad

17 Jun

Found by Michael Trimboli

Not to be confused with the Traffic Committees and Appeals Woad.

(Original here:

Got a few mistakes, guv

16 Jun

The above is from Boca Raton Campus Governor Allison Gentry’s Facebook page. It has three errors in as many entries: She’s not the “Parliamentarian, Speaker Pro Temp”, she’s the Boca Raton Campus Governor; “Chris’s” should be “Chris'” (it’s even on the restaurant’s website, not that hard to figure out), and she misspelled “criminal”.

This might seem nitpick-y, until you realize that she’s the official voice of students on the Boca campus (article IV, section 5), and students pay her salary. Wouldn’t you want your official voice to be able to spell “criminal”?

An actual graph

16 Jun

Above is the graph of daily visitors to this blog. Yesterday, Koretzky linked to one of my posts from his blog, FAUtocratic. He should do that more often…

Sorry for any what?

15 Jun


Taken in April 2009 in the Fitness Center. Photo by Devin Desjarlais.

It’s 4:20 somewhere

14 Jun

The photo above is of one gram of marijuana. Student Media Director Marti Harvey had 46.6 times that in her house when she was arrested in 1996. To help quantify this, I’m going to offer a few examples:

This video shows 5 grams less than what Marti had being rolled into an incredible joint.

This man was arrested in North Carolina for the same amount of marijuana Marti had. According to the article, that much has a street value of about $1500, if it’s good quality.

According to the internet, the average joint contains around a half gram of weed. So, 46.6 grams would be a little over 93 joints. That should be almost enough to make reporting to Terry Mena bearable.