Innovation Village video leaves me inspired

23 Jun

FAU recently posted a computer-animated mini-tour of the forthcoming Innovation Village and new football stadium (you can find the original video here). This video has me pumped for the new construction for a few reasons:

1. Once Innovation Village is built, people will be so happy that they’ll forget how to walk.

Watch this segment. Specifically, watch the guy in the blue shirt walking away from the camera. If you keep watching, you’ll see that he’s not the only one in such awe that he stops dead.

2. We won’t need to actually have a football team on the field in order to cheer for the game.

Never mind that there’s nobody playing, cheer like they are and use your imagination.

3. The main entrance to the stadium will lead right to the field, with no security, ticket checks, or gates!

This is probably my favorite part. Why don’t other teams try this, it’ll be so convenient!

Thanks FAU, I can’t wait for all of this! When’s it going to be finished, again…?


One Response to “Innovation Village video leaves me inspired”

  1. Brandon June 24, 2010 at 12:46 am #

    This amused me because they used a still of the stadium from an earlier 3D render last year or two years ago for the Homecoming flyers, and they realized too late that there were no people in the stadium. I was at the meeting where they were debating trying to Photoshop in some people.

    “There’s no people. It looks bad, like no school spirit.”

    “Maybe we could photoshop some in?”

    “That would look even worse.”

    So for some reason it’s doubly funny that they finally got people in the rendering.

    My favorite part of the video is that south of the recreation center, the rest of campus doesn’t exist.

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